Confident Dyslexic App

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Over 25 useful, positive and empowering facts. Dyslexia and ADHD users will gain insights in boosting confidence and building community.

Accessibility settings enabled to provide text to speech of the messages.

Discover new things in a ever changing harmony of background colors.


  • Work with the Boston based dyslexia and LD community to build a web app for kids and young adults with dyslexia.
  • Latest code and technology in the app.


  • Accessible App
    • Technology platforms
    • Text to speech
    • Available around the world
    • Learn how to how to make this app and more at TeamTreeHouse by visiting!
  • Informative
    • Raises awareness about neurodiversity
    • Provides information of underlying genetic origin
  • Positive
    • User will be able to track positive skills, creativity, passions* and goals
    • Learn confidence building techniques via tips and activities
    • Changing harmony of background colors
  • Bring together various groups
    • Dyslexics
    • LD and ADHD
    • Builds Community with links to other dyslexia focused organizations
    • Researchers
    • Education Specialists
    • App designers
    • Tech platforms
    • Entrepreneurs


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*The following is an quick and rough transcript of how passion influences learning in the video at the bottom. The excerpt is from the MIT Media Lab be LCL – 2014 03 18 (2) – Creative Learning online course:

“Interest based learning, is a natural based resource that motivates learning. Often when kids aren’t engaged in school, they will come home and be interested in other things, like music. That gets them learning about different instruments on their own. Also electronics, physics of sound, engineering and connects them with alot of other people and peers. Finding your own interests will really motivate yourself.

Seeing other people with many interests, and having people that can help them build your interests, really motivates learning. Often you see these interests happen after school, it is important to see more schools bring in this idea of passion or interests. Some research critiques right now are that people think interests are an individual thing. Yet peers, family and other people come in when they share their interests, and you can see what other people are doing. This can really inspire you.

If you have a relationship with someone, and their interest in something you share, you have a relationship to that topic even if you didnt before. The idea that interests is an individual thing, but seeing what people around you are interested in can inspire you.

It doesn’t have to be one area, sometimes it can be a process or idea or helping someone  that can be motivation for a project.

Finding motivation will take you through the process that will help you though.

Learning doesn’t have to be hard!

How do people find interests? How do you inspire? Well, its not that easy. Through stories and (discussions) in the community we can learn alot. In hearing how people got interested in something, then (if) they left it or continues on, or what aspect of it continues on. We can learn by hearing other peoples stories.”

The discussion I want to highlight starts at 17:30.

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