Straw Bale House

Three stories modular house made out of straw bales.


  • Own a straw bale home and test proof of concept in Denver.


  • Create a prefabricated straw bale wall for the residential house.


  • To own a straw bale house that is cheap and can be replicated on limited land.


  • To support the development of sustainable construction and low energy and low carbon living.


  • 6/6/18 Read Chris Magwood, Essential Prefab Straw Bale Construction: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide (Sustainable Building Essentials Series). Finally feel like I have a plan as I now understand the scope of the project, building materials and how to build the straw bale panels. Going to make google spreadsheet phases of construction. Looking now for partners. Also looking how to buy and build on a very small plot of land 2-3 parking spaces wide.
  • 2/11/18 Took notes on the four books. Found good resources and connections of people doing workshops, straw bale magazines, and construction code for Colorado. Notes can be found here.
  • 1/2/18 Rented four books on straw bale construction, reaching out to contacts for advice.